About Lenny

Hello! Thanks for popping over here and learning a bit more about me! I was born in Upstate, NY back in 1973. My first ten years were spent around hard-working blue-collar folks and the environment that comes out of that hard work. With more than a dash of being a geek, nerd or whatever the term was at that time I used to draw a lot and was lucky to grow up in the age of Hannah Barbera cartoons in the 70's and the great boon that was the 1980's. GI Joe, Transformers, GoBots, M.A.S.K., Thundercats... That was my childhood. Fantastic worlds and characters. 
In the early 80's my family moved to Raleigh, North Carolina where I continued my creative pursuits in school and at home. I probably played with toys much longer than I should have (ok, I still do) but that active imagination couldn't be stopped. I attended a magnet high school for the arts and took watercolor, art history, commercial art, fundamental drawing classes and the like.
Then something happened. The computer. I got sucked into its world and started down a path of more graphic forms of communication. I started to leave my first love, drawing, behind and lost my way for almost 20 years until some major life changes in my late 30's gave me pause to evaluate what would truly make me happiest again. So I picked up the pencil again and started drawing lunchbox notes for my daughter everyday for years. And you know what? I got better! Crazy how actually sharpening your skills works!
So I decided to take that active imagination, and the crazy worlds and characters of my youth and bring them back into adulthood. Marry that with a sense of humor that is still firmly rooted around the 8th grade and things start to get fun. 
So here I am, in my early 40's and finally starting to explore my first passion. I would love to bring that passion to any project that is looking for something fun but filled with sincerity, and a love for the weird.
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